Volunteer for the Cause

If you feel strong about anything that you observe which is not in harmony with nature or is impacting your environment, community and your health adversely, do not be silent about it. Voice it out, express it! If you have ideas about how to make things better around you, do share.

Just take a Photo, write a few lines and send to us. Or simply submit a blog Article, Draw a Cartoon, Painting, or just do a Graphic.

We will evaluate your creative submission and see best possibility for its showcase.

Below are some of the suggested topics to help you decide on the topics on which you can explore, think and write about.

With The Responsible You, we can TryForGood.


  • Ecosystem
    • Air, Water, Soil pollution
  • Innovation
    • Apps and Gadgets
  • Sustainability Across Cultures
  • Industrial waste management
  • Food & Agriculture
    • Pesticides/ Green Chemicals
    • GMO
    • Innovation
    • Bees Protection
    • Biotechnology
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Sustainability through Media, Art & Communication


  • Traffic
    • Soaring Traffic
    • Rising Air Pollution
    • Honking and Rising Noise Pollution
    • Parking, Speeding and other Recklessness
    • Role and responsibility of automotive companies
    • Issues of public transportation
    • Care for Children, Seniors and Disabled
    • Innovation and Apps
  • Waste Management
    • Garbage Segregation
    • Disposable Plastic waste issues
    • Rising consumerism and disposal
    • Refuse, Reuse, Recycle
    • E waste management
    • Impact on Human health- Rising Epidemics
    • Small scale industrial waste
  • Celebrations/ Recreation
    • Ostentation and adversity on environment and community
    • Traffic blockages with celebration parades
    • Celebrating with Firecrackers
    • Noise Pollution
    • Community and Eco friendly celebrations

  • Disability/ Accessibility
    • Compassion for disabled
    • Accessibility
    • Community support for disabled
  • Role of Education
    • Education in Schools about Community and Enviroment
    • Community education for better citizens
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Business houses giving back to the community
  • Public Health
    • Rising epidemics due to waste
    • Health hazards due to to toxic environment
    • Limited
  • Sustainable Development
    • Rain water harvesting
    • Using solar energy
    • Conservative use of natural resources
    • Community leadership


  • Lifestyle
    • Consumerism
    • Eco friendly choices
    • Diet and Nutrition
      • Vegan/ Vegetarian/ Organic
    • Clothing and Accessories
    • Style and Beauty
  • Travel
    • Eco friendly destinations
    • Minimizing carbon foorprints
  • Recreation
    • Hobbies-
      • Cooking, Gardening, Birdwatching, Music, Dance, Sports…
  • Health
    • Mind, Body, Spirit