Eco-Selfie contest results

Mugdha Gupta 1st prize, INR 5000 gift voucher

The whiteness of the birds is dazzling on the sparkling clear waters of Ganga and Yamuna. Sangam is thus a confluence not only of the three holy rivers, but also of cultures and our foreign friends.( Siberian birds)

Punesh Jain – 2nd prize, INR 2500 gift voucher

The Ganga,Haridwar,India. The most beautiful & eco-friendly Kaavand Yatra, is annual pilgrimage journey of Lord Shiva’s Devotees, travels a long distance with the bare footed & offer the holly water of Ganga river to lord shiva. #EcoReligious.

Popularity Awards

Ashish Vijayvargiya – 1st

Mark Feliciano – 2nd

Fun Awards

Amit Agarwal- Eco-friendly ride

parul gupta- plantation

Nitendra Khinchi- best sleep in the arms of nature

khusboo agarwal- dance with nature

VC- Brain storming-urban jungle

DebraLyn Roteman-I’m going in

Valerie Simons- Nothing on beach

Kushal Kriplani-Enjoying the scenic view

A dashti-Learn loving nature, childhood time

the very stones seem talkative

"The whole wilderness in unity and interrelation is alive and familiar. The very stones seem talkative, sympathetic, brotherly. No particle is ever wasted or worn out but eternally flowing from use to use."- John Muir...

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