Vendors offering Eco friendly methods for packaging

Packaging is everywhere food, grocery, shipments, cosmetics, it is difficult to avoid plastic packaging these days. Since plastic packaging is convenient and reasonable we ignore the effects of plastic on human health.

However, local businesses are taking initiative and  looking for the green alternatives instead of plastic packaging, these vendors have started using Eco-friendly packaging such as Bio plastic which contains those material which are safe for the environment.

Bio plastic is a great alternative for the plastic packaging. It contains  biodegradable thermoplastic material made from polylactic acid polymers similar to the regular polythene. Material for the bioplastic can be extracted from vegetables fats, oils, corn starch, pea starch or microbes. Bio plastic produces very less carbon dioxide while reducing consumption of fossil fuels.

When we talk about green packaging, it is is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Now a days, it has become a first choice for the small businesses, they are using various types of packaging such as oxo- biodegradable bags, paper bags, cardboard box, cloth bags, edible packaging and corn starch for packing food.

There are various type of green packaging is available in the market

Oxo-biodegradable bags decomposition after exposure to UV rays. This doesn’t break down completely as it contains some chemicals similar to plastic, but harmful toxins get decomposed easily under 180 days. Also, because such plastics are not suitable for recycling with mainstream plastics, the contamination of degradable, biodegradable, and oxo-degradable plastics poses another problem of segregation.

Paper packaging: Paper packaging is lightweight, usually made from a renewable natural resource. They can be recycled multiple times by using relatively little energy and they are bio-degradable. Corrugated boxes, paperboard cartoons, paper bags, sacks are the type of paper packaging.

Glass packaging; Glass has been a great option for packaging with its  100% recyclability. With least or no chemical interactions, it has been popular choice for food products storage, ensuring their strength, aroma, and flavour for a long time.

Edible packaging  – We all know examples of waffle cones icecreams. Made from cornstarch and milk protein, these are edible, biodegradable and ideal for the food packaging.

Bubble wrap-Made from recyclable polythene these are great for packaging material.

Biodegradable plastic– this is now commonly used in plastic bags and is also used in other items such as envelopes used for bulk mailing. This type of plastic starts to decompose when it is exposed to daylight and is a good alternative to traditional plastics. Biopastics made from fats and other bio based products have also started entering into the market.

Source: greenmarketing





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