Sugham Bharat Campaign: A new hope

Specially-abled people have to always struggle when it comes to travel in public transport or doing any other routine activity.Their disability restricts them to do things comfortably and small tasks become a mammoth activity for them which leave them drained. In India, around 21 million people are suffering from various kind of disabilities such as physical, visual, hearing impairments and mental illness etc. Sugham Bharat campaign is dedicated towards making India more accessible for the disabled people and building up a disabled friendly environment so that this section of society can travel home, workplace and other destinations with independence, convenience, and comfort.

  • The target is to make at least 50% percent Government buildings and 25% of public transport disabled friendly such as police stations, hospitals, and tourist spots
  • Under this campaign 200 Govt. officials will be trained in sign languages for making communication easier and understandable
  • In the next five years, special set-top boxes will be made available to watch TV more conveniently for the visually impaired.
  • The campaign has also been seeking commitment and engagement of various partners like Government officers, professionals, students and others officials
  • The department will create a web portal along with a mobile app in English, Hindi and all Regional languages to comprehensively obtain information of nearby accessible places across the country and also about inaccessible places.
  • The mobile app will also allow any person to click a photograph or video of any public place that is inaccessible and upload the same on the portal so that necessary steps can be taken to make it accessible.

The website can be visited at solo motive of Sugham Bharat campaign is to empower and incorporate persons with disabilities in the society so that they can actively take part in social activities and lead a normal life. There is no denying the fact that the campaign will change the attitude of people and will also make us more responsible towards this section who feel neglected and ignored in the society.


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