Street food safety


Good food leads to good mood. It’s true! Food is important for survival but contaminated food can imbalance your health and lifestyle. Who doesn’t like to have tasty golgappas or tikia from the street. But how can you be sure of its quality and hygiene? Street food is popular everywhere as it is cheaper and served fresh.

But as consumers, we don’t know if the food vendors are following the basic food safety standards at these places and maintain hygiene. Indian street food survival basis is primarily due to the fact that most of the snacks are cooked in hot oil. The food at room temperatures has high chances of contamination. Adulterated or contaminated food can cause allergies, headaches, illness and food poisoning.


Check for the basic cleanliness when you’re eating out.        

                    Prefer busy stalls as the chances of fresh platters will be better

  1.            Prefer eating hot food cooked at high temperatures
  1.            Avoid raw, undercooked food or food kept at room temperatures
  1.            Try to be sure that the water is clean and filtered
  1.            Avoid dips, chutneys, yogurt etc.
  1.            Check that the servers have clean hands or they wear gloves     
  1.            If you are a tourist ask locals for the reputed street food vendors in the city to avoid adulteration or  contamination issues


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