Plastic Impact on human health

We are incrementally using plastic to each passing year. The plastic with its worst impact on our community and environment is the one that we use and throw, such as water bottles, plastic bags, sachets, pouches or other packaging. Such plastic garbage when comes in contact with soil, air and water, it contaminates them all as it is not biodegradable. It stays in the ecosystem to play havoc with animal and human health. There are some short and long-term impact on our health due to plastic which we must be wary of.

Sometimes some diseases can be diagnosed early like rashes, headaches, coughing etc. while some diseases might take time to get diagnosed like depression, asthma etc.

By Air: Air borne issues occur when plastic is burnt. Inhaling the gases, generated by burning plastic causes irritation in eyes and nose, coughing, headache, dizziness, and sometimes these gases can even cause unconsciousness.

The burning of polystyrene polymers such as packaging foam, disposable cups, plates, cutlery, etc. releases ‘Styrene’ which can be immediately absorbed through the skin and lungs. It can cause skin disease like allergies, rashes etc. If there is or a long term contact it can even affect the central nervous system resulting into weakness, depression, thyroid, asthma, respiratory problem etc. Burning PVC material (generally used in construction, food packaging or toys) releases Dioxin’ which is carcinogenic. It also causes Endocrine Disruption which can become the reason for neurological disorders, declining sperm count and infertility.

By Water: Plastic products contains a variety of additives, some of them can be toxic and when they comes in contact with water. Such pollution is in water bodies and this does get deep into the water table as well. Such water if consumed can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, indigestion etc. People consuming such water for a longer period of time can become the victim of cholera, typhoid fever & complete liver dysfunction also.

By Soil: Consumption of crops and plants grown on polluted soil causes stomach ache, food poisoning etc.Consuming crops grown on polluted land for a longer period of time can develop the genetic disorder in the body and may develop congenital illnesses and chronic health diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes etc.


January 12, 2018

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