Not just Biodegradable, but Compostable

There may be very few thoughtful people who might be caring to dump their trash in the biodegradable trash. Most of the people have this misconception in their minds that if we are using biodegradable bags then it is totally eco friendly. But in most of the cases biodegradable bags are dumped in landfills where in the absence of air and moisture probably nothing decomposes. Such cases those of the photo biodegradables or oxy biodegradables.

To resolve this problem scientists have found a new alternative that is a plastic eating bacteria deonella sakaiensis which can make trash biodegradable. It could live on polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a very commonly used plastic in bags, bottles and clothes. This bacteria has capability of  completely degrading  PET into carbon dioxide and water. These bacterias are embedded into the  biodegradables bags to make them compostable as well.


There are many manufacturers working in the same direction. They are available in various categories like carry bags, hotel industry products, garbage bags etc. Biotec bags are one of that kind company which produces not only biodegradable but compostable bags. They can have delivery of such products anywhere in India by ordering them online.

In India, Jammu & kashmir is the first state to build an bio plastic product manufacturing facility. The J&K Agro industries has ventured with Earthsoul India and have launched country’s first integrated biopolymer facility that can manufacture 100% biodegradable and compostable products.


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