Minimizing everyday plastic

Plastic has invaded in our lives in such a way that it seems  impossible to live without plastic. But if we are a little conscious in our daily consumption and if we can say no to disposable plastic, we will do good to our own community, environment and our own health.

To reduce plastic waste we can do the below:

  • Refuse disposable plastic bags
  • Carry shopping bags made of Cloth/ Jute/Canvas or other eco-friendly material
  • Look for options for Biodegradable packing on food and other items
  • Prefer buying groceries in paper bags or cloth bags than plastic bags. There are lot of stores that offer brown paper bags for veggies and other grocery
  • Shop economy packs to reduce dump and landfills
  • Carry your own bottle as you travel
  • Buy and keep food in glass or metal containers. It will be good for your health too
  • Prefer tetra packs as you buy dairy or beverages milk, juices
  • Look for options for Biodegradable packing on food and other items
  • Use natural fibre clothing, bedding and furniture
  • Do not use non recyclable plastic like Styrofoam containers, wrapping papers, lids/straws etc

Broadly as you purchase plastic items, just see that they are recycled or recyclable. Saying no to disposable plastic bags is a big conscious step towards consumerism. Make that as your start point.

January 12, 2018

WMC (World Marketing Congress), Mumbai


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January 12, 2018

BYOB with Roya (Artist from Iran)


To avoid the use of one time use disposable plastic bags and promote the use of cloth or jute bags for buying vegetables and groceries, this workshop was organized. Visual artist from Iran and Concepts Artist Anju brought together intere...

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