Food Safety: Cafes, Restaurants and catering


The trends of eating out are all time high in India and the F&B is one of the fastest growing segments. New cafes and restaurants keep opening up in all the nooks and corners. We all get impressed by the beautiful decor, ambiance, well-dressed staff and variety of food on the menu. Next thing is about the taste that sets it for visiting it the next time. But most of the time, our criteria for rating restaurants and cafes is limited to their taste, presentation, and outer appearance. Mostly we don’t know what’s happening inside, especially when comes to the KITCHENS. Also, the owners focus mostly on the taste and quality. Safety is a big concern!

At our homes, we do take care of stove and microwave cleaning, adjusting temperature, proper water, and drainage system but what safety measures are taken in the kitchens outside?! There are FSSAI norms and regulations which are making these businesses take steps for food safety. In India, there are about 50-60 lacs eateries and there may be less than 50% who are registered with FSSAI. There is always a scope of food adulteration and poisoning.

As conscious consumers you can check on:

  • ·         Certifications for Food safety and Inspection
  • ·         Clean   premises and dining area    
  • ·         Clean   utensils
  • ·         Hygienic  washrooms, separated from food preparation areas
  • ·         Cooking staff  with covered heads and hands       
  • ·         See through kitchens
  • ·         Table runners, napkins and seating are tidy and non-smelly
  • ·         Properly lit and open spaces


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