Disposable cutlery, Say No!



Plastic spoons, forks or knives are so commonly used in events, marriages, yatras turning the whole landscape filled with disposables in no time. For the sake of convenience and hygiene, it appears nearly impossible to get rid of plasticwares. However, we all know that there was a world that successfully catered to all these events with metalwares or biodegradable wares. Realizing the harms of  plastic garbage to the environment, community and our own health, we must switch back to those alternatives

  • Use metal cutlery such as stainless steel when you host any get togethers
  • Use biodegradable or compostable cutlery created from a renewable resources which are  available at certain places which you just need to explore such as earthware
  • At workplace also look for caterers who provides metal cutlery
  • When you eat out at restaurants or enjoy street foods ask for metalware or simple wood or paperware
  • The pattal and dona options or eating in banana leaves are common examples in India for any meal serving for celebrations
  • For eating out prefer eco-friendly food joints. They will serve you in wood/ metal wares.
  • For the packed food or delivery ask not to bring disposable plastic. Prefer those joints which provide you eco-friendly packing
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